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Professional and reliable security company, providing SIA training and suitably qualified security guards

in all sectors.

We support companies that supply security staff to the NHS and major festivals and sporting events nationwide.


" Our staff are trained in-house to the highest standards of security and customer service and we provide ongoing CPD. "

Over 700 people have completed our funded SIA training package. The majority have worked with us at Impact and then gone on to further their careers in the security industry.

We provide support with SIA officers for social distancing, security, concierge work, events and more, seven days a week, in Manchester and the North West.

SIA Training

Over 500 people have completed our funded SIA security training package.

Event Security

Extensive experience in event security such as Premier League matchday football, private events and major festivals nationwide.

SIA Officers

Friendly, experienced and professional SIA Officers that make up a cohesive team.

Emergency Response

We provide all kinds of services related to security and safety of your business locations. Responding to alarm activations and providing short notice security.

Mobile Patrols

Private property, schools, construction sites, warehouses, hotels and commercial buildings. Frequency of patrols to suit your needs, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

K9 Guard Dogs

We can provide guards with K9 dogs as an additional deterrent. We also have dogs available for explosives or drug detection.

Corporate Security

Our concierge security teams provide a professional and reliable front of house excellent customer service. All our Security Concierge Staff have undergone extensive training in customer service, security and safety

Social Distancing Officers

SIA officers to keep businesses open, help people to keep safe and get things back to normal.


Motion detecting cameras for both residential and commercial sites. CCTV installations. Free surveys given.


Ok so before jumping on board at impact I never thought it would be something I'd want to do, I'd been out of work 6 month and was struggling to support my 3 kids so me being me gave it go.4 weeks training and a few exams later I'm now proud to say I love my job and all thanks to dom and his training no-one was left behind and everyone got that extra mile from dom and impact even the contacts to get you work.

Absolutely loving my career at impact and dom as a boss will do anything he can to ensure his staff are well looked after. So if you get the chance to do the course I recommend doing it I promise you won't look back. Thanks to dom and impact I can now work hard enjoy work and support my family again. Can't thank you enough dom onwards and upwards.

KARL WILD Training


On behalf of the Manchester Italian Association we would like to thank all those who volunteered their time to make our procession a success.Thank you Bishop John Arnold To Dominic Dom Margiotta and Impact Event Security & Protection services we thank you for your services

(all free of charge).

Lord Mayor of Manchester Cllr. June Hitchen and the Lord Mayors consortCllr Carmine Grimshaw. To all the councillors who took part.Thank you to UCP Traffic Management Team and to Greater Manchester Police.Thank you to the Events Team for your support to Metrolink and gmpte

Manchester Italian Association


Dom is one of the best trainer and friend one can have in the field of SIA industry. Amazing way of teaching with lots of hands on experience making it easy to learn and apply in future.

Even after training he will not leave u half way and will get u jobs too to get u started. Very very fair and sincere person who is more than expectation hard working. Lucky to have him and learn from him.

Thanks Dom

Door Supervisor training at Impact Security


Great and Knowledgeable guy with a good sense of humour. We clicked on straight away as we have similar interest. The course was awesome, full of useful information and Dom's

methodology was spot on.

I've learned a lot of things and met a brilliant group of people during the course. Feeling excited to get to start a career in the security here in the UK. Dom has already proposed me some work within the industry. Definitely a fun environment to work in. Thanks a lot!

Julian Masson, S.I.A Training Student

Company Director

Dominic, a former boxer and qualified self-defence trainer, grew up in Manchester and has over 30 years of experience in the security industry. After his boxing career, he gained experience and security connections from working in the industry. Starting in nightclubs and pubs in Manchester and the surrounding areas, Dominic went on to manage bars, become a behaviour support officer, gain teaching qualifications and start a security consultancy. In 2016 he started delivering SIA training courses from the Impact office in Manchester.

Over 700 people have completed our funded SIA training package and nearly all have gone on to work with us at Impact or have been provided with interviews and routes to other companies. When asked why people come to Impact for training and security jobs Dominic said:

“We have great training and there is a lot of positive word of mouth from our staff, clients and people that we have trained. As I am involved in all the training, I get to build rapport with the staff and really get to know them. I tell security stories, based on my past experiences and events that we have worked on. At some point during the training, some of my current staff may come in from a job and share their experiences with the students so the students can get further insight into life at Impact and in the security industry. After studying on a 4 week package together the students get to know each other, form a cohesive bond and if they wish they can work together at Impact on a variety of jobs upon completion of their SIA training. A lot of companies say it and it may sound silly, but at Impact we genuinely have a family atmosphere.”

Company Director - Dominic Margiotta


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Impact Event Security

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SIA Officers

• Level 2 Door Supervision

• Level 2 Security Officer

• Level 2 Spectator Safety

• Level 2 Customer Service

• Level 2 Safeguarding and Prevent

• Level 2 Self Defence

• Level 2 Restraint & Breakaway Techniques

Event Security

• Private events

• Major UK Festivals

• Premier League matchday football

• Bonfires

• Boxing Tournaments

• Anywhere with a crowd



• Event stewards

• Spectator safety stewards

• Door supervision

• Static guarding

• Social distancing officers

Emergency Response

• Last minute security requests

• Asset Protection

• Unlocking and locking buildings

(e.g. schools, businesses)

• Alarm activations

• Short term mobile patrols

Mobile Patrols

• Private property

• Schools

• Construction sites

• Warehouses

• Hotels

• Commercial buildings

K9 Guard Dogs

All dog handlers are fully trained, qualified and insured.



• Concierge for private apartment blocks

• Concierge for office blocks

• Reception duties

• Meet and greet for schools and universities

• Testing sites (e.g. COVID-19 testing)



• Hospitals

• Trade Shows

• Airports

• Malls and stores

• Corporate & Residential Towers

• Supermarkets

CCTV Officer

We provide qualified SIA CCTV operators and installers.